• EC-20™

    Environmental Prime Coat

    EC-20™ is a water-base formulation and environmental alternative to asphalt emulsions. Thus, EC-20™ is an alternative to Prime Coats, PCE (Prime Cure Emulsion), AEP (Asphalt Emulsion Prime), and prime emulsions. EC-20™ membrane forming technology, allows the product to cure, seal, and form a bond in stabilized bases.

  • EC-30™

    Environmental Prime Coat

    EC-30™ is designed to penetrate into stabilized crushed rock, crushed rock fragments, and gravel bases. Traditional prime coats have been known to cure the top 2.50 cm surface of sub-base and base roads, while at the same time being scrutinized for its un-environmental effects. EC-30™ is an environmental alternative to traditional prime coats.

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