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Deep Black LB™


Graphite Lubricant


  • Deep Black LB™ is part of a family of additives consisting of stabilized dispersionof graphite in an environ- mentally friendly oily medium (low BTEX).
  • Deep Black LB™ provides all functions of graphite lubricants.
  • Deep Black LB™ is a stabilized oily suspension of 40% modified graphite.


  • Deep Black LB™ is easily dispersed and may be added via a hopper directly into the active system or through pre-mixing.
  • Concentration should vary dependent on mud types, density, well path design (anticipated torque and drag) and anticipated formation.
  • Torque reduction does not become significant until a concentration of solid graphite 3.0 kg/m3 is exceeded. The optimum solid graphite concentration is in the range of 6.0 - 7.0 kg/m3.
  • Concentrations from 15 l/m3 to 20 l/m3 (4-5 gal/m3) are recommended.


  • Deep Black LB™ uses the new technology concept which means to treat solid particles with a teflonized derivative.
  • Deep Black LB™ with a slippery surface tension free ability to coat the well bore and drill bit and therefore reduces torque and drag which in turn increases ROP.
  • Deep Black LB™ is non-toxic, non-combustible and contains no heavy metals or environmentally hazardous chemicals.
  • Deep Black LB™ provides for high drilling efficiency and minimization of well costs in vertical, inclined and horizontal wellbores, completion and work-over operations, as well as coiled tubing.
  • Deep Black LB™ does not generate damage formation.


  • Optimizes lubrication, especially at higher temperatures
  • Inhibits hydration of the clay fraction in shale
  • Reduces wellbore damage, especially vibration induced formation damage resulting from the stick-slip phenomenon
  • Stabilizes rheological properties, leading to greater borehole efficiency
  • Stabilizes HTHP filtrate values
  • Slicks the entire open-hole, casing and drill-string; reducing frictional forces
  • Reduction of torque and drag values
  • Reduction or elimination of bit and BHA balling
  • Significant reductions in tubular and drilling equipment wear.
  • Improved tripping, logging and casing run times
  • Provides additional viscosity to WBM


  • 55 Gallon Drum
  • 275 Gallon Tote
  • Bulk

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