Research & Development

Research & Development

Prime Eco is committed to the research and development of new product designs, systems, and technologies that offer our clients tailored solutions to the existing challenges they may encounter. With dedicated lab technicians on staff, Prime Eco’s Stafford Lab is dedicated to product development and research in the Oil & Gas and Construction Industries. Prime Eco proprietary technologies and patented products offer the latest in technological advancement within the industries we serve. In addition, our R&D facility and technical staff is capable of customizing client blends and systems for unique applications.

Research and Development


Prime Eco operates a fully equipped laboratory (at both Stafford & Wharton labs) capable of running QC/QA procedures specified by our customers, as well as perform research and development projects for new products and systems. Prime Eco trains and maintains lab technicians day and night to run Quality Control procedures for production, Certifications of Analysis, and other lab tasks. All raw materials are tested to compare with manufacturers' certificate of analysis and typical specifications. Material analysis and test reports are generated in order to determine true chemical composition. Materials not meeting supplier or Prime Eco specifications are rejected for non-conformance and reordered to meet compliance. Each material is screened to consider final formulation and production requirements.