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Environmental Prime Coat


EC-20™ is a water-base formulation and environmental alternative to asphalt emulsions. Thus, EC-20™ is an alternative to Prime Coats, PCE (Prime Cure Emulsion), AEP (Asphalt Emulsion Prime), and prime emulsions. EC-20™ membrane forming technology, allows the product to cure, seal, and form a bond in stabilized bases. Unlike traditional asphalt emulsions and tack coats, EC-20™ does not contain hydrocarbons or solvent agents like Benzenes, Mineral Spirits, Kerosene, or Petroleum Oils.


EC-20™ is used on Cement Stabilized Bases (CSB), Flexible Asphalt Base as a primer of base materials and as a curing membrane for sealing stabilized based materials. EC-20™ is also ideal for erosion control, soil control, and surface stabilization.


EC-20™ is a new technology being tested by the Texas Department of Transportation and Texas A&M’s Transportation Institute as an alternative to primes, cures, emulsions, and tack coats. Therefore, specifications are designed to meet or exceed the performance specifications of TxDOT Item 300.2. Because EC-20™ does not contain hydrocarbons, alternative specifications are currently being considered.


Depending upon the openness of the surface to be treated and under preliminary investigation, it was concluded that desirable results were found after an application rate of 0.15 - 0.30 gallons per square yard. EC-20™ should be applied with well- sized and calibrated nozzles to deliver the desired shot rate. EC-20™ will bond with the HMA as soon as they come in contact with each other.


Drying Time

Typically 2 Hours. However can depend on application rate temperature and humidity. Avoid traffic during this time period.

Color & Odor

Brown Liquid, Odorless

Boiling Point (°F)


Specific Gravity (H20 = 1)


Vapor Pressure

7.535 (Gauge)

Percent Volatile


Solubility in Water



Non-flammable in both water and dry state


Do not apply when temperatures are below 40° F, keep from freezing. When applying, there should be no imminent threat of rain. Do not mix or dilute with other compounds that contain hydrocarbons or fluids that might contain petroleum distillates or water. This is a water base product, it does not contain hydrocarbons. Follow MSDS for health and safety instructions if applicable.


Unlike traditional tack coats, prime coats and asphalt an emulsion, heating is not required at plant facilities, distribution tanker trucks, and storage tanks.

EC-20™ is Patent Pending

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