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Eco-Cure™ is an environmental liquid membrane forming curing compound for the use on horizontal and exterior Road, Highway, Airport, and other concrete construction. Unlike traditional liquid membrane forming concrete curing compounds, Eco-Cure™ does not include Hydrocarbons, like Resins, Mineral Spirits, or Waxes.


Eco-Cure™ is a non-hazardous environmental friendly option to curing concrete. Unlike traditional resin based cures, Eco-Cure™ does not emit VOC’s into the earth’s atmosphere. In addition, workers safety is increased by using Eco-Cure™ because workers significantly reduce their VOC intake while applying curing compounds.


When tested in accordance to ASTM C156, Eco-Cure™ meets or exceeds water loss specifications of 2% at 24 hrs and 4% at 72 hrs after application. Additionally, Eco-Cure™ was tested and approved by Texas A&M’s ASTM testing procedures for concrete curing compounds.


Apply Eco-Cure™ right after the concrete receives its final finishing and the water sheen disappears. Apply by brush, roller, sprayer or paving train. Temperatures above 40°F are recommended.

COVERAGE: Approx. 180-200 sq.ft./gal. Coat uniformly; leave no gaps, for best results use sprayer at 40 PSI with a flow of 1⁄2 gal per minute. If encounter settling, mix gently prior to use. Please note that spraying equipment must be cleaned before application.


  • Drying Time: Typically 1 Hour however can depend on application rate, temperature and humidity. Avoid traffic during this time period.
  • Flash Point: Greater than 200°F
  • Density: 8.7 ppg
  • Color: Milky White


Do not apply when temperatures are below 40° F, keep from freezing. Do not mix or dilute with other compounds that contain hydrocarbons such as Resins, or solvents like Mineral Spirits, Waxes or fluids that might contain petroleum distillates. This is a water base product, it does not contain hydrocarbons. Please note that spraying equipment must be cleaned before and after application with water and soap. If you find dirty equipment with dried product use plain water. Follow MSDS for health and safety instructions if applicable.


Eco-Cure™ should be stored in a tightly sealed factory container. We recommend storage in horizontal position to avoid moister accumulation. We recommend rolling drum or agitating product before applying so product will mix properly.


  • 55 Gal Drums
  • 275 Gal Totes
  • Bulk

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