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Type 1-D, Concrete Curing Compound


TID-300™, formerly TSC-300, is a milky red liquid curing compound manufactured under DOT Standards. When properly applied forms an impermeable membrane that holds moisture in the concrete structures. Ideal for vertical exterior surfaces.


TID-300™ complies with the following:

  • TxDOT DMS 4650, Type 1-D
  • ASTM C-309, Type 1D, Class B (Fugitive Dye)
  • AASHTO M 148, Type 1D, Class B
  • FAA Item P-501 and P-610-2.11 (e)
  • VOC Content limit 350 g/l


Apply TID-300™ right after the concrete receives its final finishing or promptly after the forms are removed. Apply with commercial hand or power sprayer. Coat uniformly, leave no gaps. For best results use sprayer at 40 psi with a flow of 1⁄2 gal per minute. Application equipment must be clean an free of all previously used products.


Aprox. 200 ft2/gal (4.91 m2/l). Coat uniformly; leave no gaps, for best results use sprayer at 40 psi with a flow of 1⁄2 gal per minute. If encounter settling, mix gently prior to use. Please note that spraying equipment must be cleaned before application.


Drying Time

Typically 3 – 4 hrs depending on temperature, humidity and application rate. Avoid traffic during this time period.

Flash Point

Greater than 200°F


8.4 ppg


Pinkish Red


Avoid traffic during drying time period. Do not apply when temperatures are below 40°F, keep from freezing. Do not mix or dilute with other compounds that contain solvents such as Mineral Spirits. Please note that spraying equipment must be cleaned before and after application with water and soap. If you find dirty equipment with dried product, use Mineral Spirit to clean, and then flush with water. TID-300™ is light sensitive, store under roof. Follow instruction of MSDS for Health and Safety Instructions.


TID-300™ should be stored in a tightly sealed factory container. We recommend storage in horizontal position to avoid moister accumulation. Store it under roof if possible, especially if temperatures are below 40° F. AVOID DIRECT SUNLIGHT.


  • 5 Gal
  • 275 Gal
  • 55 Gal

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