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Bentonite Extender


A Cost Effective bentonite extender, Visclay-R™ is a new generation of Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO), designed to maximize carrying capacity in water-base drilling fluids.


  • Produces high viscosity at low shear rates (6 and 3 rpm), giving excellent hole cleaning and suspension properties.
  • Provides superior hole cleaning in fresh water mud
  • For conventional, high-angle, and horizontal wells
  • To produce flat, shear-thinning rheology properties
  • To reduce bentonite consumption and lower MBT’s
  • Excellent for sea-water and ssw fluids
  • Economical replacement of xanthan gum for milling, when using freshwater, saltwater, or SSW fluids
  • For pre-mix sweeps, use (9 to 1) ratio by weight, bentonite to Visclay-R™


  • Inhibition
  • High temp stability - 300 to 400°F
  • Lubricity
  • Computability with anionic polymers that all other MMH products or system have never had**
  • Environmentally safe
  • Cuts bentonite from 20 + ppb to 5-8ppb (on API Gel), reducing formation damage to almost none, OR in fact improved production over conventional polymer muds or oil base muds. Only return per test will prove that.
  • The system will enhance the ROP, by the fact that it is sheer thinning, reduced solids, and minimizes, or prevents bit balling.
  • The system we are ready to introduce will be the only MMH system with full pH and Rheology flexibility, which has been the major problem in the past 20 years.


Generally, salinity and density affect ratios of Visclay-R™ to bentonite. Optimum concentrations need to be adjusted accordingly.


Form & Appearance

White/Off-White Free Flowing Powder

Special Gravity

2.8 (+/-)

Bulk Density

40 lb/ft3 (+/-)


2.6 – 2.9 g/cm3


9.5-10.5 (1% slurry in water)




  • When drilling with fresh-water fluids, typical concentrations are (0.65 to 0.75 ppb) Visclay-R™, to (5 to 8 ppb) Standard API quality bentonite through conventional hopper as needed to control Viscosity, YP and Rheology.
  • For sea-water fluids pre-mix 25-30 ppb non-treated API bentonite in freshwater, with 1/2 ppb soda ash, then dilute with seawater or bleed into circulating system while adding Visclay-R™ through hopper to the circulating mud volume.
  • It is important to note that the pH of the circulating drilling fluid be maintained at 10.3 to 10.5 at all times with caustic.
  • For milling casing, higher concentrations may be needed. See DTS “VISCLAY- Mud Up” guideline for field use.

** Compatibility Note:

  • VISCLAY-R™ is not compatible with anionic polymers such as PAC, CMC, and other anionic materials, without the addition of SKL-100™ to the fluid.
  • Without the addition of SKL-100, the use of anionic materials, anionic contamination, or dispersants will destroy the rheological properties.
  • SKL-100™ as an option can be used at a concentration of 1-1/2 to 2ppb for additional “system” flexibility.
  • We will publish additional technical data sheets on this “system”.


  • 25 Lbs Bags, foil lined

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